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The Exiling of my film, “Exile A Myth Unearthed, in the BBC”- An Update


There  are some news  concerning the saga of Exile and the BBC  …and they  are positive for a change!

I had a conversation yesterday with  BBC 4 executives .  It was a good talk where we both agreed we would like to see the film broadcast in the UK.  We agreed to explore ( by examining  scripts and cuts )  the possibility  of showing a mutually  agreeable  60 min  version of the film followed by a discussion  program   where myself and others  will participate.

I will of course report here the outcome of this  process of exploration.

As I wrote  in my first  blog I am  determined to  show  the film in the UK  on TV, in  public screenings  or both.  I believe   the dialog  with the BBC  is a positive step  to achieve this goal.

Thanks to all the concerned  individuals who send me  emails,  and posted their comments.  I was touched and encouraged by your comments . They  only emphasized for me the importance of showing  Exile and generating a  discussion and debate on the many issues it raises.

I am travelling this weekend to China for filming for another project and  we agreed that we will pick up  the issue when I am back on  the  May 14th.

I of  course will   keep  updating you  in my blogs on what happens next.

Stay tuned!


7 Responses to “The Exiling of my film, “Exile A Myth Unearthed, in the BBC”- An Update”

  1. Good news, the sooner the broadcast the better.

  2. Hi Ilan
    Good to know that you’re now in a conversation with the BBC. I’ve just sent my complaint about BBC Four TV pulling your documentary, which would have interested me a great deal indeed! I am hoping that your work will be given the fair treatment it deserves. Best of luck!
    In Solidarity
    Margret in Oban

  3. I am glad that the BBC executives have discussed with you about your film. I wonder which title it will have! I was going to react to their ‘official reply’. So I shall ask them a few more questions. Looking forward to seeing the full version. My friends in France too. Bonne chance!

  4. In case you don’t know too much about the BBC, BICOM (the UK version of AIPAC) has said it can rely on the BBC for a favourable presentation of Israel. One of the Trustees of the Jewish National Fund was on the BBC Board of Governors, until that was replaced with a more independent Trust, but this has also been infiltrated. The producer of the “impartial” BBC programme on the Mavi Marmara piracy was Mr. Israel Goldvich, and the BBC had to admit to 3 breaches of its Code regading that film. More recently, the BBC has had to admit that there was “unfotunate wording” in a report on the Rachel Corrie inquiry, when the BBC said Israeli soldiers died in the incident, which they did not. The BBC bleeped out “free Palestine” from a “rap” on one of its radio stations, because is was “too political” but played the full Israel national anthem “To be a free nation in our land, In the land of Zion and Jerusalem” which apparently is not too political. TThe new Director-General’s first three appointments have been James Purnell as Director of Strategy. (formerly Chairman of Labour Friends of Israel), James Harding, who gave an interview to the Jewish Chronicle, saying “I am pro-Israel, I believe in Israel” and Danny Cohen as Head of everthing shown on BBC television. When Israel released 1,027 Palestinians for one Israeli, Gilad Shalit, BBC TV’s programme on it was called “The Gilad Shalit Exchange”. Clearly, in your case, they thought they were buyng yet more Israeli propaganda with your documentary, and pulled it when they found it did not comply with the official zionist line that BICOM promotes. You are wasting your time with the BBC, and you should try Channel 5 or go for DVD with your docu. The Palestinian activist movement has enough media platforms world-wide to ensure enough sales, and it would be intact and not corrupted by the pro-Israel BBC.

  5. I’ve not yet had a chance of seeing your film, but I’ve followed the story about it’s screening/non-screening on BBC, which was no surprise because anyone who queries aspects of Jewish History or Israeli policy/behaviour in today’s Britain will endure backlash. I’m sorry that you have been subjected to such confusing and dishonest reactions and treatment, but please keep going. We need people who inhabit a space outside partisan politics and look to humanist possibilities for co-existence. There appears to be no evidence for the “exile” of the Jews. Most Jews outside Palestine went voluntarily with trading and commercial routes. Even in biblical times there were many Jewish communities throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, whose members had never lived in Palestine. The mass conversion of the Khazars of course means that most Eastern European Jews descend from people who never saw Palestine, so the idea of “exile” “diaspora” and “aliya” are nonsense – just useful tools to ensure the survival and expansion of a “Jewish State”.

  6. Ilan – trying to contact you by phone if you are in the UK – my number is 07971 431242.
    Haim Bresheeth

  7. Just to say I recorded the programme and watched it last night. Thought it was well argued believable and thoroughly enjoyed it. Is there a book or article to follow up some more? the idea of Christianity emerging from the same debacle is really interesting…. thanks

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