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BACK ON THE ROAD…. figuratively speaking

ride with us

Since our journey was over and I came back to New York, I have not updated the website. Time was spent on viewing the material and preparing further shooting and rethinking on how to have the Web site accompany the project during the editing all the way through the November election. The process is now over and the site is, in a sense, reborn with some differences: no more chasing daily events along the journey (while, at times, failing to keep up with the schedule…) but rather a weekly update of content that will bring you into the editing process as I grapple with the many issues that have emerged from almost 4 weeks of shooting. Yes I know the primaries are over (at least for Republicans) and I am not interested in getting involved in the national guessing game of who will win the Democratic nomination. However, as the recent controversy surrounding the pastors of both Obama and McCain reveals, a multitude of issues are lurking just beneath the surface of the campaign, and religion is clearly one of them.

Those issues are the focus of the film. They emerged from my travels throughout the country listening to so many diverse voices. So from this point on, until the elections, I will try to bring you into the editing room every week not only by posting new interviews and short scenes but also by describing the kind of issues that I feel have surfaced in the campaign. Those Issues are rarely discussed (can you believe it?) In the mainstream press but as the recent controversies have shown are very much at the core of the campaign and like molten lava in unseen underground tunnels, they shape it.

This week I want to introduce to you one of the main contributors to the film, Dr. Randall Balmer; an author and lecturer in Columbia University (and in Dartmouth College this semester.). His current book God in the White House, how Faith shaped the presidency from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush, is a very important contribution to understanding the growing role of faith in shaping Politics. I had breakfast with Dr. Balmer in New Hampshire during the Primaries, and I intend to do a few more interviews with him in the coming weeks. I will keep posting short snippets from these interviews in the future.

Next week I am filming in Israel and, among other things, going to Megido (Armageddon) with hundreds of parishioners from Southern California who are converging on the archaeological site where they believe the final battle of Armageddon will take place.

It is going to be a very busy week and I will write all about it in my next blog.

Last but not least our site is now connected to ARTE (The French German public television.). I am hoping to receive questions and comments from European viewers and will post them on the site soliciting comments from readers in the United States.

Until Then,


P.S. In the Name of the Victims is being screened in the Israeli Parlaiment on April 1st . I will dedicate an  entire blog and a mailing to this important development.


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