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Reflections on our society by an Israeli born filmmaker

On the road to Kentucky


Check  out the new video we just posted. We began to interview ordinary folks whom we meet on the road.

This encounter is from Arabica Coffee shop “the best coffee in Eastern Ohio” as the sign promises. As it turns out we stumbled upon a group of young people, leaders in their local church. In the next days we will post our conversations with other patrons , as well as with people outside the post office. Fascinating stuff. Most of our scheduled interviews and discussions are with religious activists across the political and religious spectrum. Our chance encounters are with ordinary folks. All of them so far described themselves as people of faith however their views on religion and politics is highly nuanced and quiet sophisticated.

We will keep posting more of these “chance meetings” as we continue in our journey.

Tomorrow we visit the Red River meeting place and the association (all made out of volunteers) who reenact and commemorate the Second Awakening – the great religious revival of the early 19 century which began right here only 30 min drive from our hotel.

Good night from Franklin Kentucky




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