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Back on the Road!

red-river-re-enactors-2.jpg  We are back on the road after a short stop in NY. I am writing this blog as we drive through Ohio.

In the late afternoon we will be in Parma, OH, talking to supporters of Governor Huckabee.

Tomorrow, another day’s drive to Kentucky to film what promises to be the highlight of the journey so far- a visit to the Red River Meeting Place in Logan county where I will meet members of the Red River association who are gathering every year to commemorate and re-enact 18th century religious life. The small hut and Meeting Place is the actual site where the Second Awakening—the religious revival movement that reshaped America’s political and religious landscape—began in the late 18th century. We were promised an 18th century service and authentic dinner. I wonder what it’s going to be like! We will talk about the election and about politics. For me this active association is yet another proof of the impact religion had and continues to have on American public life. The weekend is supposed to be cold. The small stone and wood hut has no real heat but even as I picture us huddled in the chill I am sure it will be a fascinating experience.

Watch the new clips I put up. It will give you a taste of some of the voices from the New Hampshire primaries. In the next few days we will upload more material and more portraits of the week.

Until tomorrow




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