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January 5 -A bit of Chaos

Today I was hoping to spend time describing our last night wonderful meeting with Cliff and Donna Rice who were so gracious to invite us to their house for dinner. Both are devout Christians and supporters of former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani. The discussion was fascinating, specially after Iowa’s small political earthquake. But as you can see in my small video blog , the 600 miles drive East on the road to New Hampshire had to be used to edit and download footage.

The response to our site was overwhelming . By tonight close to 45,000 people viewed our small film clips from Iowa. So ,as you can imagine panic set in, and we found ourselves under huge pressure to create and upload new clips from our filming as often as we can manage given our grueling schedule.  Since it is technically impossible  to ship the material to NY under this kind of schedule,  we quickly set out to transform our van into a post production facility and our long drive into an editing session.  I was  struggling to keep our GPS navigation from falling while driving….in short a controlled chaos.

Tomorrow I hope we will  have  more time to update the blog, upload more pictures and if everything goes well …some new clip.

Until tomorrow

PS. All our past postings are available on Tamouz Media You Tube Channel



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