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January 1st- a quick note

 Yes I am in Iowa with my crew  and it is an amazing time to be here. Everyone seems to be engaged as the tension rises before Thursday ‘s night. The receptionist in our hotel is for Governor Huckabee” because he is a Christian” , she says. A family near us in the restaurant is for Senator Obama “because of his message of inclusion.” On the flight out here two German print journalists calculated that if you divide the different campaign expenditures in Iowa by the state population, each candidate spends about $500 a vote! With Senator Obama’s lead in the polls and Governor Huckabee still heading the Republican pack you can smell history in the air. The 2008 campaign is going to be unpredictable and old cliches will have to be thrown out. We are here to follow Pastor Helen Seenster who is an Obama ‘s supporter and I will post tomorrow short segments from her amazing interview and the conversation we had. She claims to be amazed about how many new voters flock to Obama’s camp. We are following her tomorrow as she registers some of these new voters . In the evening we follow her to Obama’s last event in Waterloo .

I am still hoping to be able to have a dinner with a young family who are supporters of Huckabee  but the schedule becomes too complicated to manage. I was hoping to be able to send a video blog tonight and to post the segments from the interview however we are exhausted after waking up at 3am to catch a flight to Cedar Rapids Iowa.

So please forgive me and I hope by tomorrow ‘s morning we will have new scenes from today on the Web. I hope we can keep up the paste but I can see already how grueling the schedule is going to be .

Until tomorrow good night from freezing Waterloo.



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