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A reminder

Heichal Hashemot 

Dear Friends: 

Because of the growing  interest in our film IN THE NAME OF THE VICTIMS  and the myriad of issues it raises, I was approached by several survivors who asked me to post a reminder that the deadline for taking action on the Insurance Companies settlement in fast approaching. It is less than 10 days away!  In order to protect their rights by excluding themselves from the settlement, survivors and heirs must send a letter to the address listed in the article no later than December 26. With all the holidays, the sooner people act the better. It is also important to note that all survivors and heirs would be bound by this settlement even if they did not receive a settlement notice.  So, they too must send in a letter withdrawing from the settlement to protect their rights. This and other issues are discussed at length in the most recent  issue of NAHOS- The newsletter of the National Association of Holocaust Survivors (december-2007-nahos-newsletter-holocaust-insurance-issues.doc ). In the issue you will be able to find  more controversy surrounding the Claims Conference role in representing survivors’ interest in  ICHEIC (or the settlement concerning Holocaust insurance policies) . The issue also gives a New York City phone number for legal assistance if survivors or their heirs have further questions.

For more on the Claims Conference please watch this trailer or go to site main page and click on IN THE NAME OF THE VICTIMS . You will be able to watch the film and find useful links to learn more and get involved. You can also scrawl down and read my  previous blog and its attached documents.Until  my next log Have a happy holidays. Ilan


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