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Coluntdown to the Jan 1st

December 26, 2007

 12.26.2007   five days to   launch !                                                                                                                      Hi:  So it is down to the wire for the campaigns, for the candidates…and  also for me. While most of you will be recuperating from the New Year’s celebration, in the early hours of January 1st, my crew and I will be heading to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, […]

A reminder

December 17, 2007

  Dear Friends:  Because of the growing  interest in our film IN THE NAME OF THE VICTIMS  and the myriad of issues it raises, I was approached by several survivors who asked me to post a reminder that the deadline for taking action on the Insurance Companies settlement in fast approaching. It is less than 10 […]


December 13, 2007

  As some of you already know, the film In the Name of  the Victims is now being streamed on our site. Just go to the home page and click on In the Name of the Victims on the right.  The response to the film has been tremendous. More than 150 people stream the film daily and […]