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A quick note



Just a quick note before next week and my “real  blog”. Next week’s blog will be dedicated to my film IN THE NAME OF THE VICTIMS and to The Claims Conference’s (The largest Jewish body in charge of restitution of Pre-War Jewish property) attempt to discredit it. I will publish my response and that of the the German broadcaster ZDF.  I will also reveal  a surprising “vindication” which will help to shed light on how the Claims Conference does business. Things have considerably heated up after our film was slated for broadcast in Israel on November 24th and recent political developments there, as well as the upcoming congressional hearings on the issue in the United States. All of this and more next week as we launch the film’s web site www.inthenameofthevictims-themovie.org 

                                                                                             Six Days

For now I am off to Montreal tomorrow to screen SIX DAYS  in the Middle East Studies Association’s annual convention. MESA is the largest professional association for scholars and teachers of Middle East studies in North America. I was invited to present the film  precisely because of the controversy  surrounding the PBS broadcast and the film’s different versions. There is a new initiative of some Middle Eastern scholars to examine the two versions and write a report on the accuracy and authenticity of both.  I of course welcome it and hope that professional broadcasters will do the same. As I wrote in my previous blogs, the issue here is not about one film or a single broadcast but  an examination of how the Middle East conflict is presented for American viewers.

I am attaching a comparison between the PBS and the Int’l versions for you to decide. I am also including the Middle East Studies Association  announcement of the upcoming event.

I will keep you posted.

Until next week.


Comparison between PBS and the int’l versions of Six Days

The Announcement in the Middle East Studies Association’s program about the coming screening.


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